Blooming Good Season

It’s getting brighter and lighter each day, with the sun slowly peeking out and the weather getting warmer. We can almost feel the fizz of zesty Aperol Spritz, smell those warm spring nights, and feel the May bank Holiday atmosphere when we walk through our Courtyard.

Spring has sprung, and it’s our Head Chef David’s favourite season of the year, so our next Supper Club on March 10th is all about the delicious ingredients and flavours that have just come into season. We caught up with David to hear more!

What’s the most a-may-zing Spring dish you love cooking?

It has to be a herb crusted rack of lamb, served with wild garlic, grilled asparagus and a mint & wild nettle pesto. It’s full of these incredible ingredients that are only available and at their best for a few short months, so I savour making and eating this dish in the Spring!

It’s just the perfect dish for a slow Sunday with family and friends really, as the lamb makes a beautiful centre piece for when you have all your loved ones round the table and the sides can be dropped off and shared family style. It’s great paired with a white wine that has floral notes – I’d recommend a classic Pinot like our Wild Spell Pinot Gris.

You’ve said Spring is your favourite season, as a chef and in general. What’s so iris-istible about this time of year?

Like everyone, after the winter months it’s nice to see the days getting longer and warmer. With each digit that the thermostat creeps up too, the closer we are to BBQ season which I love, as this is my area of expertise!

As a chef, it’s undeniable that Spring offers some of the best British produce you can use. From tender lamb to asparagus and wild garlic blooming through, it’s the perfect season to showcase what our British and Irish farmers do so well!

The flavours are fresh and crisp and the colours of Spring produce are so vibrant – every dish ends up being a colourful masterpiece! It’s the best season to get your creative culinary juices flowing and creating a Spring menu is always one of the highlights for me as a Head Chef.

Last, bud not least – how do you create your incredible Supper Club menus each month?

I take inspiration from events or key dates that are happening that month, for example last month’s Valentines Day Supper Club. Once I’ve established a general theme to the night, I home in on what ingredients are at their best and available due to the weather. I love working with our suppliers too, so I often ask them what they’re most excited about now. This collaboration is most key when we do Steak & Wine Supper Clubs, as both myself and our butcher’s The Butchers Table are focused on sustainability and using underutilised cuts of meat

From there its all about product development – how will each dish flow throughout the course of the night, which flavours will compliment each other the best and how can I introduce the Supper Club to new dishes that highlight the produce at its best. Once I’ve got the menu set, I work with our Wine Master Connal to pick the best wine pairings for each course – a brilliant wine pairing can take an incredible dish to a memory making dish in my experience!

Then of course, I always end up throwing something a little bit special and different together on the night. Our infamous Pitchfork Cheddar Nuggets were a spur of the moment creation a few hours before a Steak & Wine Supper Club and are now a staple on the Al la Carte menu and have been featured in The Guardian!

If David’s interview has got your taste buds tingling, join us at our next Supper Club on Friday March 10th and discover your new favourite Spring flavours and dishes!