Why Do We Celebrate Burns Night?

Haggis, Neeps, Tatties and Cranachan and a wee nip o’ giggle water!

There’s lots that we DO know about Burns Night, but we’ve been doing some digging into the origins of this illustrious evening and answer some of your questions.

Who was Robert Burns? Why do we celebrate his life? The most important question of all – how do you throw a Burns Night Supper?

Well, read on and we’ll break down the details

Who is Burns?

Why, Robert Burns is the beloved national bard of Scotland, and our second favourite Scotsman (playing second fiddle to the late, great Sean Connery, of course)
During his life, Burn wrote a great many brilliant poems that addressed political and civil issues in Scotland, but he is best known amongst the masses for writing the joyous song Auld Lang Syne. You may have even belted it out yourself – with your arms slung around a friend – as Big Ben merrily chimes in the new year.

Why Do We Celebrate?

After his death Burns’ best buds (try saying that after a wee nip) got together every year on his birthday, raised a whisky toast to their friend, enjoyed a proper Scottish supper and read through his poetry. History shows us that this was a resounding success, and hence its popularity grew through Scotland and beyond!
Over 200 years later, Burns Night is still celebrated across the world. Lads & lassies take this day to celebrate his life, contribution to Scottish culture, and to enjoy the wonderful food & drinks of Scotland. This occasion is particularly popular in London pubs, where folks can come together in a lovely environment and enjoy the experience of a night inspired by Scottish traditions.

Freedom and Whisky Gang Thegither 

Robert Burns wrote those words in a (rather lengthy) poem in opposition to a hike in the taxation of Scotch whisky. The sentence essentially meant that the man felt most excellent, most on top of the world, most free, when he was with his pals with a wee dram o’ whisky in his hand.
Never a more relatable statement was made, we say, and cheers to that.

Burns Night in Wandsworth

So, to summarise, we’ll be celebrating the life, works & wisdom of this renowned storyteller (and big whisky fan) on Burn’s Night, which this year lands on Wednesday 25th January.
We’ve plenty of delicious whiskies on our bar – from a smoky Laphroaig, to a smooth Glenfiddich, or perhaps try one of a Maker’s Mark Old Fashioned, or even our signature Boulevardier. Whether you prefer a straight dram, or you like your scotch in a cocktail, come on down and raise a toast with us.

Hopefully that’s answered some of your questions about Burns Night, and why we celebrate it. If you like the sound of it (and frankly, what’s not to like?) then slip on your kilt and join us to raise a jar of lovely whisky to the bard.

**Kilts optional, but very much encouraged.