I’ll Have What She’s Having!

There’s nothing better than getting dressed up, heading out to a magnificent Gin Palace-esque bar, and catching up with your girlfriends over delicious cocktails. It’s the perfect Friday Night plan.

Whilst singleton HERO Bridget Jones chose vodka and Chaka Khan rather than being defeated by a bad man (and for that we salute her), we’ve deep dived into classic cocktails that were made famous by iconic leading ladies on the big and small screen!

 All the Gin Joints

Potentially the most infamous line of any film, Casablanca also made the French 75 an instant classic. Ordered by Yvonne in Rick’s Café Americain in the 1942 Oscar-Winning Best Picture, this cocktail is the perfect tipple to order if you’ve just run into your ex and need to look sophisticated, unphased and leave them realising you were the love of their life.

Named after a French cannon, this cocktail is perfect for any gin lovers. Simply shake together your favourite gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and plenty of ice, then strain into a champagne flute and top with champers! Add a strip of lemon zest to garnish and you’re ready to tell Spotify to play it again, Sam.

Party for Two!

When you think of iconic leading romcom ladies, you undoubtedly think of Marilyn Monroe – and when you think of iconic cocktails, a Manhatten has to be top of the list. The two collided in 1959’s Some Like It Hot, where Monroe played a career defining Sugar Kane, who wasn’t going to let a silly little thing prohibition get in the way of a party! With a sneaky flask strapped to her leg, Sugar was party ready on any train – a sentiment we respect here at the Spread Eagle Wandsworth.

And thus, we all started shaking Manhatten’s at every cocktail soiree. Two parts whiskey, one part vermouth, two dashes Angostura bitters and topped with maraschino cherries – this cocktail is all parts delicious and sexy.

I’d like a Cheeseburger, Large Fries and a Cosmopolitan

Nothing redefined cocktails with the girls like Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte hitting every club and bar in New York City, with a Cosmopolitan in hand. A new generation of women was introduced to the joys of this iconic cocktail and every bar around the world quickly saw their vodka sales shooting up. The power of four fabulous friends.

Whether you’re out flirting with your own Mr Big, comforting your girlfriend over a break up as horrific as Jack ‘The Post-It Note’ Berger or simply dancing the night away Staten Island style, shake up vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice and pair your Cosmopolitan with a beautiful pair of shoes. It’s what Carrie would want.

Now we’ve got you in the mood to “have what she’s having” – round up your guys, gals and non-binary pals and learn how to shake up three classic cocktails at our Galentine’s Day Cocktail Class on Monday 13th February!

Because we all know that the platonic loves of our lives are the best of all.