Reawakening The Spread Eagle

Our historic pub & hotel has undergone a triumphant rebirth. Less a transformation, and more a reincarnation of everything we love about the Great British pub.

Designed with History in Mind

It has been sensitively restored to a very high standard, harking back to its glorious hey-day, whilst being exceeding respectful to the fabric of the building. Photos from Wandsworth library have been closely referenced when considering the renovation and the original characterful features have been highlighted, accentuated, and complimented by a continuation of the traditional Victorian gin palace style. Heritage colours prevail throughout the spacious pub & dining spaces – deep blues, oxblood, soft greens and warm browns in vintage leather and soft velvet.
The existing staircase stands proudly in the centre of the pub, revived, and worn carpets have been removed to make way for more authentic floorboards. Dartboard and pool table have been swapped with clusters of new and reclaimed tables with tables & chairs that huddle sociably in the bar. Cosy banquettes await invitingly in the corners, perpetuating the pubs purpose as a place to meet for close-knit discussion. Nostalgic artworks adorn the walls and well-considered knick-knacks line the mantelpieces above the original fireplaces – these have been restored and are much-revered.
Ceiling high bevelled edged acid-cut glass, indigenous to the Spread Eagle, and de-silvering beautifully at the edges, is at the centre of everything. The impressive globe lighting reflects in many mirrors, casting a twinkle about the place.
The back fitting has been retained, and the original polished bar meanders through the heart of the pub, shining glossily under brass beers taps & ale pumps. Brilliant cut glass screens have been preserved, and the surrounding woodwork remains original also.
Externally, the Spread Eagle is strongly reminiscent of the aesthetic following its renovation in 1898, and great care was taken to preserve the look of the building. The iron portico remains, continuing to offer shelter to visitors by way of its iconic red glass awning, as it has for over a century. The gold-coloured signage emblazoned on the frontage is evocative of the original lettering and strongly mirrors exterior photography taken circa 1898.
The Spread Eagle ceased being a hotel in the 1920’s, becoming solely a public house, and it was only with our sensitive renovation that we were able to resurrect the bedrooms and reopen with the pub’s full potential actualised – almost exactly 100 years later. The Spread Eagle is once again a thriving hotel and boasts 21 stylishly designed bedrooms, showcasing artwork with local references, opulent soft furnishings, and a visually satisfying combination of contemporary & traditional design.