Say ‘Yes’ to No (and Low)

Diving head first in to Dry January after the overindulgence of Christmas can be just the break you need after the copious amounts of Crimbo booze.

Luckily for you, modern-day alcohol free options can make Dry Jan socialising at the pub feel more like a December visit than you first thought.

Craft-y Lookalikes

First up we’ve got Freedamm from Estrella. This 0% beer on draught looks (and tastes) just like to real thing.

Alongside this we’ve got the super dupe Guinness 0%. Its in a can, but your bar-person will pour it into a Guinness glass, and – honestly – who would be any the wiser? We know for a proper Guinness fan it may never taste the same, but it’s pretty convincing next to it’s boozy brother.

Mock it Up

Not a beer fan? There’s plenty of mocktails this January to wet your whistle.

Whether you’re out on a date, celebrating a booze free birthday, or just meeting up in the pub for a chinwag with a mate next to the fire, alcohol free doesn’t mean fun free.

Our personal fave is the Passionfruit Martini, the Lyres spritz (tastes just like a certain orange cocktail don’t you know.) Also, the non-alcoholic Mojito, equally as Instagrammable as all of our other cocktails on the menu (plus just as delicious) only it’s alcohol free.

Cork Popping-ly Good

Pop a bottle this January, with our alcohol free (but as lovely as it’s full-on counterpart) sparkling wine Steinbock. If you’re still out celebrating – just without the alcohol – this one may be for you.

Because meeting at the pub with your pals doesn’t have to stop in January just because you aren’t drinking – have a chat with our team today to find out what booze free options there are behind the bar – because we promise you, you’ll find something you like.