The Big Spread

If you’re looking for the best bar snacks in Wandsworth – nay, the whole of South West London – then you’ve found them.

We launched our brand new Big Spread Bar Snack menu, which is positively choc-a-block with delicious, indulgent beer food that is perfect to munch whilst sipping a pint at the bar.

Posh Fast Food

If you’ve tried our infamous Pitchfork Cheddar Nuggets – recently featured in the Guardian! – you’ll know just how incredible our bar snacks are. That’s why Head Chef David has been working hard over the past month to expand and develop our offer, creating the Big Spread Bar Snack menu.

Still full of classic pub bar snacks, like our sausage roll and scotch egg, David has added The Butcher’s Grub, The Chip Shop and taking  expanded our On Toast selection! So now you can enjoy moreish loaded chips and high welfare, high quality meat from our butchers in St John’s Hill: The Butcher’s Table.

Great with Guinness

Of course we couldn’t allow this epic new menu to be launched without throwing a party! As our beautiful 10ft Christmas tree had just arrived, it only made sense to kick off the festive season with a big bang and throw the Christmas party to end all Christmas parties!

We had live music from Moss from 6pm in our main bar, making it ChristMOSS all night long, and our friends at Guinness came in and took over our bar, so everyone who ordered a bar snack also received a Guinness from us!

Shhh, Secret Recipe!

Our Porchetta Pork Belly Bites have been a firm fave with regulars, so Head Chef David has broken down how to recreate these delicious bites at home:

Remove the bones, make an incision length ways so it opens the book.

Blitz rosemary, lemon, thyme, garlic with rapeseed oil.

Marinade all pork flesh inside and out from the book – be careful not to get any on the skin.

Carefully roll pork tightly.

Tie with butcher’s string, using string a few inches apart the whole way along the pork.

With a sharp small knife, nick the skin all over – don’t go through flesh.

On a rack, pour boiling water over all pork to open the pores of the skin.

Pat dry, and with salt and lemon coat the whole pork.

On a baking rack, roast at a low heat (170 degrees) for 1.5 hours, or reach 60 degrees in the centre using a temperature probe.

Turn up the oven to 210 degrees, to crisp the skin and create crackling on the outside. Cook for a further 30-40 mins.

Take out pork and rest for a minimum of 30 mins.

Slice and dice into bite size pieces.

Coat bites in cornflour and deep fry until crispy.

Optional: toss in rosemary salt

Serve with apple puree and enjoy!

Now like magic, we have officially gone 100% Christmas Elf mode, so pop in to sample our delicious new Big Spread Bar Snack menu – get into the festive spirit a pair your pub treat with a mulled wine!

Menu available all day Mon – Sat. See you soon.